Financial Statements and Documents

Here are our latest financial documents and annual reports. You can trust us to use your donations wisely to protect Alaska’s lands, waters, wildlife, and people. Read our Donor Privacy Policy.

Where Does Your Money Go?

Trustees for Alaska values all contributions made to support our work. That’s why we spend the bulk of our funding on our legal programs.

Fiscal Year 2014 Expenses
FY14 Expenses
Fiscal Year 2013 Expenses
FY13 Expenses Chart

Trustees for Alaska Endowment Fund

Trustees for Alaska received a significant contribution from a generous donor in 2009. The Board of Directors elected to place this gift in a quasi endowment fund to provide a financial buffer against the ups and downs of the economy and philanthropic giving and to ensure that Trustees for Alaska will always be here to protect Alaska. Each year the Board of Directors decides the amount from the fund to be used to support Trustees for Alaska’s programs.

Financial Audits

Financial statements for Trustees for Alaska Endowment Fund are combined with Trustees for Alaska for auditing purposes. These are listed above.
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